Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc

Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc


Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc offers a fresh, rounded feel with intense notes of nectarine, gooseberry, and pine, finishing brightly and cleanly.


Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc has a fresh and round mouth feel with intense fruity notes of nectarine, gooseberry, and pine with a bright, clean finish. It is a versatile wine to enjoy with spicy ethnic foods from Chinese to Indian.

The Baron Herzog brand is known for outstanding variety and value. Baron Herzog wines offer something for every palate. They trace their winemaking origins back nine generations, to Phillip Herzog, who made wine in Slovakia for the Austro-Hungarian court more than a century ago.

Phillip’s wines were so appreciated by Emperor Franz-Josef that the emperor made Phillip a baron. In 1985, Baron Herzog wines was created, a line of premium yet moderately priced California varietals. Winemaker Barry Henderson handcrafts these wines for immediate consumption or short-term aging.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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