Balcones is an award winning craft Texas distillery, producing whisky in small batches only from the finest ingredients. All the batch numbers are hand written and all the wax seals are hand stamped as a proof of quality. Each barrel is personally tasted by the master distiller Chip Tate to ensure the highest quality of whisky.

Balcones Baby Blue is a unique corn whisky made from atole, a roasted blue corn meal. Baby Blue isn‚Äôt bourbon nor white lightning. It has the freshness and verve of traditional corn whisky but with a refined complexity. The result is a round nuttiness and roasty overtones with a smooth finish. Baby Blue was the first Texas whisky on the market since prohibition, and is the only craft-made whisky to have received a 5-star rating from F. Paul Pacult‚Äôs Spirit Journal other than Balcones “1” Texas Single¬†Malt.

NOSE: Soft vanilla and notes of candied peel. Caramelised bananas, toasted oak and a little creamy cereal sweetness.

Palate: Rich, thick, palate entry. A touch of dark caramel and baked apple. Baking spices, salted butter.

FINISH: Spiced, medium finish. Quite sweet.