Bain’s Way Viognier grapes were picked in two stages at optimum ripeness from about 25¬∞B and then 27¬∫B. After the crush, the juice was left on the skins for 5 to 8 hours and then pressed. Only free run juice was used and the fermentation temperature was about 13¬∞C.

Bain’s Way Viognier has an¬†appealing nuttiness on the nose tempting one to sample this Viognier from Wellington winery Bain‚Äôs Way. It more than delivers in the mouth with yellow fruit flavours ‚Äì think rich ripe golden cling peach and nectarine ‚Äì with an attractive vanilla seam running through it all. Good balance of flavours and acidity makes this wine a fantastic buy, particularly at its low price point.