Alize Gold Passion Liqueur

Alize Gold Passion Liqueur


Alize Gold liqueur ingeniously combines Cognac’s elegance, tropical essence, and premium French vodka, resulting in a versatile, smooth passionfruit spirit.

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This unique blend of exotic fruit juices and Cognac combines the sophistication of France’s finest brandy with the fresh natural ingredients and bright tropical flavors of passion fruit, mango and other exotic island fruits.

Alize Passion liqueurs are crafted in France using a highly guarded process that includes all-natural flavors and premium French vodka blended to create a smooth, mixable spirit. Alize Gold Passion features exotic passion fruit delicately blended with premium French Vodka. Alize is a perfect complement to a wide range of spirits, including vodka, rum, Champagne and tequila, and is equally enjoyable on the rocks.


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