Our Scotch Whisky Of The Month Club membership is a perfect opportunity for you, your loved ones or your dear friends to discover a world of Scotch whisky. With this membership you will learn everything about the Scotch whisky making process, and what makes Scotch Whisky unique, about different regions of Scotland and taste profiles of whiskys from those regions. You will have a chance to compare single malts and blended Scotches of various ages to find out what you enjoy the most, so you can continue your journey in this wonderful and ever changing world of Scotch whisky.

With this membership you will receive 2 Glencairn Glasses, a Whisk(e)y Tasting Journal, detailed description of this month’s whisk(e)y and tasting notes, distillery history, hints on how to properly nose, taste and enjoy whisk(e)y, free shipping on orders from our online store, emails about new, allocated, and rare whiskeys, and an opportunity to obtain limited edition and allocated whiskys before anybody else.