Ultimate Provence Rosé

Ultimate Provence Rosé


“Refreshing, succulent and well balanced. This has aromas of small berries, frozen raspberries and sweet spices. Medium body with bright acidity. There is a mineral character at the center and a delicious, bitter almond-like finish.”

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Much more than a simple vineyard, Ultimate Provence is a genuine experiential world offering a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere allowing visitors to discover Provence and its wines in a delightfully original setting. At Ultimate Provence, the gentle pace of the seasons and vines help to provide fun experiences and enriched encounters. The Ultimate Provence vineyard spans 100 acres around the town of La Garde Freinet, at the northern foot of Notre Dame des Anges chapel. It is set in wild countryside and bordered by a vast evergreen oak forest. Ultimate Provence’s contemporary, luminous bottles are inspired by the vineyards light, bright spirit provided by such a magnificent landscape. Ultimate is the emblematic vintage of an absolutely contemporary Provence rosé. Here, the grape varieties come together to enhance the fruity, floral nuances enhanced with spicier notes, in particular with the Syrah and Rolle grape varieties. Its pale color with sometimes coppery, sometimes silvery reflections is the result of know-how applied in the selection of the best juices from the plots, but even more so at the press, then from stabilization on lees, to enrich the bouquet and the mouth. The blend of this 2023 is made of 30% Syrah, 30% Grenache Noir, 30% Cinsault and 10% Rolle.


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