123 Anejo Tequila

123 Anejo Tequila


123 Organic Anejo Tequila is an environmentally-conscious artisanal organic tequila crafted from slow-cooked estate-grown lowland agaves.

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Founded by long-time agave cultivator and distiller David Ravandi, 123 Organic Tequila is an artisan producer of certified organic tequilas made from estate-grown lowland agaves Northeast of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico.

Ten-year-old, slowly ripened agaves are cooked for two days in traditional stone ovens to concentrate flavor, then double-distilled using a small-batch process. In keeping with its principles of organic production and sustainability, the distillery and agave farm minimize soil and water impacts and farm and harvest entirely without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or large-scale mechanical equipment. Each bottle of 123 Organic Tequila is crafted from recycled glass and labeled with recycled paper and natural soy inks.

Beyond all of these elements, though, the distillery’s philosophy shines in the liquid itself: a paradigmatic expression of pure agave flavor.

The complex aromatic bouquet and deep golden hue of 123 Anejo Tequila are signs of its superior quality and lengthy aging. Enjoy 123 Anejo Tequila as you would any fine, aged spirit by savoring its mastery and brilliant flavor profile.


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