Glenfiddich 26yr Grande Couronne Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Glenfiddich 26yr Grande Couronne Single Malt Scotch Whiskey


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Grande Couronne is the culmination of Glenfiddich’s Grand Series, an elegant scotch that balances sweet and sour notes and showcases expert craftsmanship.

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Presented as the culmination of Glenfiddich’s Grand Series, this 26-year-old whisky arrives in a lavish package adorned with gold filigree, complete with a rotating insert for added amusement. Having matured for twenty-four years in American and European casks, it concludes its aging journey with two additional years in ex-Cognac casks—a notably lengthy refinement period for this type of cask. The whisky is presented without chill filtration or added coloring and boasts an ABV of 43.8%.

The whisky, with its golden hue accented by amber veins, presents an elegant and caressing experience on the nose, showcasing polished wood, warm honey, ripe yellow fruits, floral notes, shortcrust pastry, lemon cream, and cane sugar. Subtle impressions of wax and propolis interplay with a refreshing hint of acidity.

As it graces the palate, a gentle note of pepper and ginger emerges, accompanied by creaminess and a touch of bitterness. Banana and prune join the fruit spectrum, harmonizing with licorice root, a hint of dark chocolate, candied orange peel, lemon cream, and a lingering essence of salt. The finish, warm and savory, unfolds with yellow fruit, spices, honey, and citrus, leaving a lasting impression.

Grande Couronne, exuding elegance without austerity, adeptly balances sweet and sour elements, reflecting the result of professional craftsmanship.

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