Chateau Potensac 2000

Chateau Potensac 2000


The Chateau Potensac 2000 has notes of cassis, boysenberry, black cherry, and violet, with supple, ripe tannins in the finish.


The Chateau Potensac 2000 presents itself with a medium ruby color, unveiling inky aromas that evoke cassis, boysenberry, black cherry, and violet notes. This wine boasts a muscular and powerful profile, complemented by remarkable vivacity and clarity of flavor. The finale is marked by ripe tannins, which, notably for Potensac, exhibit unusual suppleness.

With a rich history dating back through generations, Chateau Potensac has remained within the same family lineage, always passed down through women. The current proprietor, Jean-Hubert Delon, inherited the estate from his paternal grandmother, Georgette Liquard. Positioned on a high point of land in North Medoc, Potensac, despite its proximity to the river, has been inhabited since ancient times. The name “Medoc” itself originates from “medio aquae,” signifying “in the middle of the waters.”

Spanning 84 hectares, the vineyards are strategically planted on the highest-quality soils in the Ordonnac district. This terroir allows the distinctive characteristics of each grape variety to express themselves distinctly, contributing to the wine’s exceptional aging potential. Chateau Potensac embodies a harmonious blend of tradition, terroir, and meticulous winemaking that results in wines of enduring quality and character.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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