50 Degree Riesling

50 Degree Riesling


This German Riesling from Rheingau, made from 100% Riesling grapes, is fresh and dry, pairing excellently with crustaceans, poached fish, fresh salads, and poultry.

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50 Riesling, named for the ideal conditions in which the Riesling grape is grown that only occur at the 50° latitude, is under the watchful care of the master house of Riesling, Schloss Johannisberg. Schloss Johannisberg has been the pioneer in the Riesling category for nearly 1200 years. They were the first winery to create a monopoly of 100% Riesling production, the first to discover Spatlese in 1775, the first to use the term Auslese in 1787, the first to attempt to define various predicate levels, and the first to create Eiswein in 1858.

The grapes in 50 Riesling are meticulously hand-harvested and gently crushed before the 50° Riesling embarks on a leisurely and delicate fermentation within temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Following fermentation, the wine gracefully settles on the lees for a two-month period. The style of wine, which is marked by its low residual sweetness, is called trocken, which means dry. It has a fresh taste with delicious fruity notes of citrus fruits and apples: superb with fresh fish and seafood, according to the herbs and spices used. Of course, it is also suitable with a Rheingau Riesling frothed soup (recipe available upon request). With a somewhat older vintage, it also goes well with Asian cuisine.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 in


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